Piket Art Prizes

Eponym: Mr F. H. Piket
Frederik Hendrik Piket (1927-2011) was a solicitor and member of the Dutch House of Lords for the CHU party, which later became the CDA (Christen Democratisch Appèl). Aside from his work, Piket was a great admirer of the (performing) arts and subsequently built a large and diverse collection of visual art. After Mr. Piket passed in 2011, a foundation was established, with the goal to support and promote the artistic climate of The Hague. Three fields (painting, theatre and dance) were appointed as the most important disciplines that needed such support and promotion.

In the autumn of 2014, the Piket Art Prizes were founded. The Prizes are intended for promising young artists in each of these disciplines. The conditions that apply are simple: the artist must not be older than thirty and have a connection to The Hague, either because the artist has flourished there or has come to fruition in The Hague, or because the artist and his/her work provides a stimulating contribution to the local cultural environment. Den Haag can then be interpreted as the ‘Haaglanden’ region.

For Mr. Piket, the prizes that are awarded in his name each year, are the legacy he dreamt of. Not only do they stimulate young artists at a personal level, they will also be of enduring meaning to the cultural climate in his community.

The Prize
A Piket Art Prize consists of a cash amount, which for the year 2014 was fixed at 8,000 euros per person. Approximately four to six months after the award ceremony, the winner will meet the jury for a ‘soundboard conversation’, in which the winner gets the opportunity to ask the jury for feedback on career development. The members of the jury will advise, encourage and, where appropriate, put their contacts at the winner’s disposal.

In case a collective of artists receives the prize, the prize money should be equally distributed amongst members of the collective. The prize money is to be spent at the artist(s) discretion. However, the Piket Foundation encourages all expenditure that’s beneficial to the practice of the artist’s profession. The jury will clarify their decision in a jury report, which will be presented to the winner.

The Award
Additionally, each winner will receive a work of art, especially designed for the Piket Art Prizes. The board of the Piket Foundation annually appoints an artist to design the award. Over the years, there have been several artists so far: sculptor Vittorio Roerade (2014), ceramist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk (2015), goldsmith Anneke Schat (2016) and sculptor Florentijn Hofman (2017).

The Jury Prize
The jury rewards a person from the Haaglanden region for his or her cultural activities, particularly if they are aimed at or accrue for the benefit of young artists. The winner will also receive an artwork and a certificate. The jury is not obliged to issue a Jury Prize every year, but does so when it believes it has found a suitable candidate.


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