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26 mei 2020 | Nieuws

The Piket Art Prizes in times of corona (11): Beaudil Elzenga

Until 1 June theatremakers, actors, artists and dancers are forced to sit at home. As part of the official measures aimed at keeping the spread of the coronavirus under control, exhibitions are off and performances have been cancelled. What do these measures mean for Piket Art Prizes’ young artists? Part 11: Beaudil Elzenga

Impact of the measures

Actress Beaudil Elzenga, 2016 nominee in the Dramatic Arts category, had put her heart and soul into the production JANIS. Much to her regret the corona measures interfered. All planned performances were cancelled. “It was a great blow,” Beaudil says. “JANIS was my performance, something I really wanted to do.” But the performance about the world famous singer Janis Joplin will be back in 2021. “Reruns have already been planned. Fortunately, it’s an intimate performance, just me and two musicians. It means we can be flexible.” Beaudil was also involved in acting classes for children and young people at Theaterschool Rabarber in The Hague. “We were working on a performance, but that has been cancelled, too.” And her work in the hospitality industry? “Restaurants and cafés are closed as well, so that brought an end to three means of income. It’s really too bad!”

So what now?

DIY and reading. “David [Geysen, former member of the Piket Art Prizes jury] and I built a hen house,” she says with a smile. “And I’ve lots of time to read. I love to do that, but I usually lack the time.” In the meantime there are digital auditions. “I make selftapes, which is wonderful to do, but takes a lot of time. I auditioned for a motion picture, a television series, and as a voice actress for an on-line book business.” She hopes to know more soon, but so far it is unclear how the film and television sector will take up things. “How about social distancing when shooting or performing?” Beaudil wonders. “Can we get back to work after 1 June? I’m quite anxious about what’s going to happen.”


The Zeeland Nazomerfestival has not been cancelled yet – it is still scheduled to take place from 25 August until 5 September on the Abdijplein in Middelburg. “We have ten performances of JANIS there,” says Beaudil, who is keeping her fingers crossed. “I’m also expecting a few jobs, but it all takes longer because nobody knows what will happen after 1 June.” Having all the time in the world to be creative somehow also means pressure. “For me personally all this waiting doesn’t work well,” Beaudil sums up.

Photo: Hessel Waalewijn