Piket Art Prizes

The Piket Art Prizes will be awarded on Monday 10 October 2022
in Theater De Nieuwe Regentes.

If you are registered, you can enter for free from 19:30 h.
The program starts at 8:15 PM.
Afterwards (around 9:45 pm) you can continue to chat and talk to the nominees.

Register here for the award ceremony on Monday, Oct. 10


F.H. Piket Foundation
Frederik Hendrik Piket (1927-2011) was a solicitor and member of the Dutch Senate. He was also a great art lover and built a large and diverse visual art collection. After his demise, a foundation was established with the aim to support and promote the artistic climate of the city of The Hague, with a focus on painting, dance, and the performing arts. The Piket Art Prizes were founded in the autumn of 2014. The Prizes are awarded annually to promising young artists in each of the three disciplines mentioned above. Conditions are simple: the artist must not be older than thirty and have a relationship with the Hague region, either because (s)he flourished there or because his/her work provides a stimulating contribution to the local cultural environment. The art prizes are the legacy Frederik Piket dreamed of. Not only do they stimulate young artists at a personal level, they will also be of enduring significance for the local cultural climate.

The Piket Art Prizes
A Piket Art Prize consists of a specially commissioned sculpture and a cash amount of 8,000 Euros for each winner. In addition, each winner receives a report stating the motivation and judgement of the jury. In case an artists’ collective is awarded a prize, the prize money should be equally distributed among its members. The artist(s) may spend the sum at their own discretion. However, the Piket Foundation encourages expenditure that is beneficial to the artist’s career and profession. Every nominee receives an individual profile video and an accompanying photo portrait. Video and portrait will be used for our website as well as press and social media communications, in this way bringing the nominees to the attention of a wide audience. They also make a wonderful contribution to these young professionals’ portfolios. A jury selects one winner in each discipline. Besides the sculpture and a cash prize each winner will be given the opportunity to have a coaching session with the relevant jury members following the awards ceremony. In this way, the winner is supported and encouraged both financially and artistically.
Another important part of the Piket Art Prizes is the Piket Jury Prize, which provides the jury with the opportunity to reward someone for his or her cultural activities in the The Hague region, especially if these benefit young artists.

The award
Each year, the board of the Piket Foundation invites an artist to create the Piket award. So far winners have received unique objects created by: Vittorio Roerade (2014), Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk (2015), Anneke Schat (2016), Florentijn Hofman (2017), Joep van Lieshout (2018), Peter Zwaan (2019), Suzie van Staaveren (2020) and Yke Prins (2021).


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