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01 mei 2019 | Nieuws

Winner Kinda Gozo joins Compagnie Linga

At the beginning of this year Kinda Gozo, 2018 winner in the Dance category, joined Compagnie Linga, in Pully, Switzerland. Linga, directed by choreographers Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo, was founded in 1993, and has the local Octogone theatre as its headquarters. “I am fully immersed in Linga’s new production, WALLS”, Kinda
tells us. WALLS, a production that reflects an alarming zeitgeist, will have its first performance in early May.

All in good time

This does not mean, however, that Kinda no longer thinks about exploring her choreographic talents. “All in good time. I need to open up and nourish my own work. Thanks to the Piket Prize, I have been able to take part in an amazing workshop in London with choreographers from the Humanhood company.” Humanhood’s regular workshops are aimed at developing choreographic skills.

About the prize

Kinda is travelling ‘from right to left and back again.’ “The prize also helps me to take good care of myself in my busy life as a travelling woman dancer”, she says. This sounds rather elementary, but in fact it’s vital, especially for dancers. Kinda absolutely wants to come to The Hague later this year to visit old friends, ‘Korzo, and Isabelle and Jérome at Meyer-Chaffaud!’

Text: Anna Beerens, Photo: Janneke van Beek