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21 november 2017 | Nieuws

Winners Piket Art Prizes 2017

Painting: Julien Guettab (1992)

Verdict of the jury: From the very first moment both members of the jury were enchanted by this artist’s small, intimate water colours and drawings. His work is dreamlike as well as precise, almost meditative and at the same time explicit. Inspired by books, Julien seems to be creating an encyclopedia of his own. But whereas an encyclopedia explains and interprets, this sometimes cryptic collection of images raises questions. Instead of plugging into current trends and styles in contemporary art, this artist looks inward and presents the viewer with his inner world. He gives shape to his memories, fears and fantasies, and in this way stimulates the viewer to imagine and associate. His very personal signature, drive and productivity strongly suggest that this painter is totally focused on this fragile but at the same time powerful work.

Dance: Astrid Boons (1988)

Verdict of the jury: Astrid Boons’ record of service as a dancer includes NDT 2 and the Göteborgs Operans Danskompani. In the past few years she also turned to choreography. In this capacity she was nominated for the Piket Art Prizes. Astrid came back to the Netherlands in 2016 and made a strong impression with her duet Rhizoma. Her work is remarkably mature for a fledgeling choreographer. It is characterised by a great intensity and a subtle sense of measurement, enabling her to keep the tension to the end. It is unusual that she has been able to develop these delicate qualities so early in her choreographic career.

Dramatic arts: Bram Suijker (1989)

Verdict of the jury: Bram is an actor who keeps developing. The jury felt he was thoroughly convincing in his role in De Verzamelde Werken van Shakespeare (ingekort) (Shakespeare’s Collected Works – abbreviated), in which he allows his audience to see many aspects of himself. From the first moment he shows a strong presence and the capacity to engage, but he is also capable to weigh what he gives. He is credible and very well able to communicate both emotion and humor. Bram knows how to transform himself, how to use his voice and his body, which contributes to his persuasiveness. It is also obvious that he really enjoys himself on the stage. During the past year he so much developed as an actor that he is now able to carry a performance. It is evident to the jury that he is more independent, more mature. Bram has for several years been a member of Het Nationale Theater, which creates a link with the city of the Hague.