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18 januari 2017 | Nieuws

Check out our winners and nominees of 2014, 2015 and 2016

The Piket Art Prizes doesn’t only like to hand out prizes, we also like to keep an eye on our winners and nominees. This way, we know what they have been up to and what’s still to come. Check out all the activities, exhibitions and performances of our winners and nominees of 2014, 2015 and 2016.


One of our winners for painting, Inge Aanstoot, painted a mural next to a well known museum of modern art, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam – another one of the painting nominees, Thomas van Rijs, was awarded a prestigious scholarship to continue and further his art career.

The dance category nominees are alive and kicking: Imre van Opstal still works with the Nederlands Dance Theater, and has a new choreography coming up. Rutkay Özpinar got a raving review on one of his choreographies and continues making new ones.

Drama winner Karel van Laere has been travelling the world with his performance art and continues to travel this year: from South Korea to home town The Hague, he’s basically everywhere. Firma MES, a theatre nominee of 2014, drew large crowds to their special location performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ last year.

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Lennart Lahuis, who won the painting category in 2015, has also seen the inside of his suitcase more than his home in Paris: he’s been showing work in Sydney and at the London Art Fair! Romy Muijrers, painting nominee of 2015, was also awarded a scholarship by the Mondriaanfonds last year and has been showing new work already.

Our dance winner of 2015, Sarah Murphy, has been doing exceptionally well: apart from receiving a nomination for one of the most important dance prizes in the Netherlands (the so-called ‘Swans’), she has been busy travelling with choreographer Joeri Dubbe. As part of his ensemble, she received an award for best performance at the Stuttgart International Dance Theatre last year. She continues to travel abroad to dance and give workshops. Dance nominee Jillis Roshanali successfully funded a crowdfund campaign to receive additional dance education in New York.

Drama winner Nik van den Berg put his prize money to good use by visiting the United States. Upon his return, he released a new album with a new band and continues working on new theatre material. Nominees Thomas, Sacha & Jos were very successful both individually and as a group. They even put out a children’s theatre performance.

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Debbie Young, painting winner of 2016, continued her streak of success in 2016 by having her very first solo exhibition at galery Vonkel in The Hague. She’s also busy working on a new exchange project between artists from The Hague and her native Scotland. Both nominees Tobias Lengkeek and Joyce Zwerver took their work to different places for many people to see.

Alice Godfrey, who won our dance category last year, keeps people excited with her electric perfomances at the Nederlands Dance Theater. She’s even featured in one of Imre van Opstal’s, Piket’s dance nominee of 2014, new choreographies. Nominee Jeffry Verschoor Sowa, well known in the international breakdance community as bboy Kid Colombia, took part in the finals of the biggest, baddest breakdance competition in the world: the Red Bull BC One, in Japan. He didn’t make it, but we’re so proud of him because he’s one of the top 16 breakdancers in the world.

Kaatje Kooij, winner of the 2016 Piket drama prize, had a very busy year with loads of performances in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. She’s topped it off nicely with winning our theatre category! Nominee Bram Suijker played a hilarious part in a Dutch adaptation of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). This year, you can see him in an adaptation of Lord of the Flies. Fellow nominee Beaudil Elzenga received praise for her performance of Ophelia in an adaptation of Hamlet.

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